Video production. Personalized.
Your message needs to be heard. Your cause needs to be joined. And video is today’s most effective vehicle for mass communication. Nate will help create the right video for you to get your message out to the world.

Varied Experience.
Nate spent almost 4 years as the sole Video Producer for a nationwide organization, so he knows corporate video. But he’s also written and directed narrative short films and even a feature film.

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On-Time Delivery.
Nate has spent years honing his editing workflow. As a result, he’s gained a reputation for delivering cuts ahead of schedule.

Equipment Included.
Big productions require professional equipment. Nate has built up an impressive array of production equipment that he brings to any project that needs it — including a 4.6K Blackmagic camera, a jib (camera crane), and professional lighting and audio.

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