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As James grows older, he forgets his childlike ability to dream. But just as he’s settled into a comfortable life, he meets Peter, a 10-year-old photographer who challenges his understanding of success.



The cast and crew of Pastime discuss what it was like to work as a team. Plus, see some fantastic behind-the-scenes photos of everyone in action.

The Characters

David Marr III ("James"), Sawyer Duserick ("Peter"), and other cast members discuss their characters in Pastime and what the film is about.


Pastime co-directors Nate Mancini and Johnny Sikma discuss the creative writing process for the Pastime screenplay.

​Getting Involved

The cast & crew of Pastime talks about how they got involved in the project.

Meet the Production Team

Nate Mancini


​Craig Peterson

Director of Photography

Zach Roth

Camera Operator

Megan Mancini

Craft Services

Bethany Stobie

Props Coordinator, Set Designer

Caleb Fite

Gaffer (Lighting Director)

Peter VanderWal

Behind-the-Scenes Photographer

Richard Christman

Production Assistant

Johnny Sikma

Writer/Director, Casting Director

Adam Walker

Marketing Consultant

Grayson Quay

Boom Operator

Grace Leuenberger

Graphic Designer

Gavin Stobie IV

Props/Set Assistant

Darren Masters

Best Boy (Lighting Assistant)

Rachel Coutant

Concept Artist